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Thank You. Your Donations make a difference, no matter the size.

We welcome everyone to Odiyana Institute’s weekly and monthly services, and special events. These are provided free to all, we appreciate your donations to help us maintain the center and to keep the  precious teachings accessible for everyone.
If you are inspired by the Teachings/Practices and wish to do more, we encourage you  to become a Friend of Odiyana by donating a specified amount each month. We greatly appreciate your generosity. Here are the options:

Friend of Odiyana ($10.00 a month) ($120 one-time payment for the year).
Lotus Friend of Odiyana (25.00 a month)
Vajra Supporter of Odiyana ($100 a month)

You may set up monthly payments through PayPal or by check. Please write your check out to Odiyana Institute and place them in the Donation Box at the Center or mail to

Odiyana Institute

PO Box 30777

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

May all Beings Benefit!!

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